On November 29, Beijing time, the second phase of the CBA will officially open on December 2. According to song Xiang, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily, Zhai Xiaochuan, the leader of Beijing Men’s basketball team, did not go to Zhuji with the team for the time being because his second child was about to be born.
As a 27 year old “father”, Zhai Xiaochuan is about to have a second child, which is naturally a great joy. As the second phase of the CBA competition is about to start, Beijing team will leave Zhuji area today. However, Zhai Xiaochuan, the captain of the team, did not go out with the team.
Song Xiang disclosed the reason, “it turns out that Zhai Xiaochuan’s second child is about to be born. This time he can finally witness the birth of the child, an important moment in his life.”
Zhai Xiaochuan will be a father for the second timebe a father for the second time, but he has not been able to witness the birth of his first child. “The reason why Zhai Xiaochuan was finally born is that when Zhai Xiaochuan’s first child was born last year, he followed the Chinese men’s basketball team to practice overseas. It’s needless to say that he missed and worried about his first child. But as a player, Zhai Xiaochuan will go to Zhuji soon after the birth of his child. He needs to give up a lot of things, which is not easy
According to the official schedule, the first match of the second stage of Beijing Men’s basketball team is against Shenzhen on December 3, followed by Fujian on December 5 and Shanghai on December 8. Whether Zhai Xiaochuan’s child will be born before December 3 is unknown, but for Zhai Xiaochuan, it is a great joy to welcome her second child, and it is uncertain whether it will affect the second stage of the competition.
Beijing Men’s basketball team has only 4-6 record in the first stage, especially once crazy for four consecutive losses, only ranked 13th in the league. Undoubtedly, they need to rebound and pursue as soon as possible. Zhai Xiaochuan, as the captain, will be an important leader, and his responsibility is still great.

By Ethan