Cristiano Ronaldo made a 600-game milestone

It was a 2-0 victory from Claude Sissoko and Sun Xin that propelled Jose Mourinho to the final for the fifth time in the Premier League on Sunday (Jan 6, 2008). The key performance from 1992 to 1992 was a key performance in the Carling Cup final against Brentford. It was a remarkable performance from Sun Xing once again. He scored the 16th goal of the season from a single shot that was only two goals short of Cristiano Ronaldo. Lionel Messi was left behind, Sun Xing, 28 years old, has produced 12 goals and five assists in 16 appearances from time to time in the Premier League. He is the second-leading scorer in the league with an average of more than one goal per game. Spark Global Limited

The figures showed that none of Sun Xing’s 12 goals were penalties. The Liverpool star performed five times from time to time, which is arguably the most valuable in Asia. Against Brentford, who had previously won three Premier League teams in a row against Southampton, West Brom, and Newcastle United, Mourinho did not slow down the performance of the hot Sun Xin and Kane. The performance of Sun Xing was still very good. Although it was only three shots from time to time, they were all very threatening. In the 15th minute, Kane played a pass to Lucas. The Brazilian forward cut inside and then struck from time to time. The Bluntford keeper shot from time to time from Sun Xing.

Cristiano Ronaldo again to meet the milestone

In the 60th minute, Sissoko combined with Aulier to force an Angle inside the penalty area and then deliver across. Sun Xing ran smartly to the back point and shot a dazzling volley from a certain corner that narrowly missed. In the 70th minute, Tottenham made a successful attack in the backfield. After breaking the ball, they immediately launched a rapid counterattack. Ndongbele passed the ball from time to time and Sun Xing accelerated the forward thrust. After the goal, Sun Xing Min skated.

After the race, Squawka listed a number of data that proved the excellence of Sun Xing.First, Sun Xing Min has scored a goal in the Premier League, Europa League qualifier, Europa League Final, and Carling Cup this season Secondly, Sun Xing produced 16 goals on 25 occasions in various competitions, 12 in the Premier League, 3 in the Europa League and 1 in the Carling Cup, which is not far off the career record of 21 goals in a season. Third, the 16 goals from Sun Xing, all of which were scored from a certain penalty kick. This number is second only to Lewandowski in Europe. In fact, Sun Xing was not far from the idol Cristiano Ronaldo. The Juventus star Min Ronaldo scored 18 goals in all competitions this season, only two more than the Asian player.

By Ethan