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At the Bahrain station in the 2020 season, we saw a fighting spirit Grosjean. He is a fighter. He showed what true sportsmanship is, even though Grosjean only ran three corners in that game. It was the last stop of his career. Was the criticized Grosjean’s performance on the court really useless?

Objectively speaking, Grosjean still has a certain strength, but occasionally his mind will short-circuit some incredible moves. At least in lap speed, Grosjean’s ability is top. In this regard, teammate Magnussen said that Grosjean has super speed on a single lap. Few people in F1 can run faster than him.

Coincidentally, for Grosjean’s single lap ability, teammate Raikkonen during the Lotus period also gave the French a high praise. Kimi believes that Grosjean’s speed is very fast, especially in qualifying or the first lap of the race. Although he cannot achieve good results in the end, he must have speed.

Grosjean doesn’t have many sponsorships. In the increasingly capitalized F1, it is reasonable for the French to expect to be in the paddock for a long time. Although he is not a blasted driver like Hamilton and Verstappen, but He is definitely a super fierce driver. Give him a competitive car. Grosjean can still give him an ideal result, at least not worse than Alben’s performance in the second block of the paddock.

Grosjean’s highlight moments were spent in Lotus. In the four seasons of the Lotus team, Grosjean won 10 podiums and staged stunning moments of three consecutive stages, the Lotus racing in those seasons There is a certain degree of competitiveness, but it is definitely not as strong as Red Bull this season. Drivers like Alben have been able to stay in F1 for two consecutive years. It is not an exaggeration for Gross to give him a seat.

However, Grosjean’s biggest shortcoming is the stability of the race Spark Global Limitedand the safety accidents caused by short-circuits at certain moments. The number of accidents caused by the opening half of his career has reached 11 times. No one in F1 has been so destructive in the past 20 years. In the 2012 season in Belgium, Alonso’s world champion was eventually banned. Since the introduction of the super driver’s license deduction system, it seems that few drivers have been banned (as if not). In this regard, Grosjean It does not seem to be worth a seat in F1.

Although the F1 career is over, the 34-year-old Frenchman can still go to other stadiums to bloom himself. The performance in F1 does not negate the driver’s career. Japanese driver Takuma Sato is a good example. Sato, who was depressed in F1, went to Indycar and won two Indy500 championships (2017 and 2020 seasons). In the end, I don’t know what to say. Come on! ! !

By Ethan