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   On November 22, Beijing time, the men’s singles final of the ITTF finals ended the competition. In the end, Malone, who returned with full blood, defeated the world number one Fan Zhendong 4-1 and won the men’s singles championship for the sixth time in the finals, continuing to refresh his own historical record. In the game, Malone faced a side ball and scored a reverse pull, triggering an exclaim on the scene Fan Zhendong is currently ranked first in the world, while Ma Long is ranked third. The two did not encounter much challenge on their previous promotion road. In the semifinals, Malone defeated Xu Xin 4-1, and Fan Zhendong easily defeated Zhang Yuzhen. The two played against each other in the finals last year, when Fan Zhendong defeated Ma Long to win the championship. The two sides have played against each other 19 times in the past on the international stage, with Malone dominated by 14 wins and 5 losses. However, in the previous World Cup, Fan Zhendong defeated Malone to win the championship.

In the first game, the two sides played relatively stalemate. Fan Zhendong took the lead at the start, but Malone then chased points, and the two sides tied for 11. At the critical moment, Malone scored 2 points and won the first game 13-11. In the second game, Malone opened the score slightly in the middle game stage, then got the game point 10-7, and won another game 11-7.  In the third game, Malone was still very strong, leading 8-4 at one point. However, Fan Zhendong suddenly broke out and scored 6 points in a row and got the game points 10-8. However, Ma Long deserves to be a Grand Slam, he is determined to win this game. Then Malone scored 4 points in a row and won 12-10. There was also a side ball, and Malone finally scored.

In the fourth game, the two sides started tied 4-4. Obviously, Fan Zhendong did not collapse because of the loss in the third game. Malone scored 2 points in a row, but Fan Zhendong then scored 5 points in a row and opened 9-6.In the fifth game, Malone scored 2 points after the two sides tied for 3. Afterwards, he always maintained the advantage, and finally Malone defeated Fan Zhendong 4-1 to win the championship. For Malone, at the age of 32, facing the world’s No. 1 player, and he has beaten him in consecutive games before, it is amazing to be able to play at such a level. Especially the performance in the third game proved that Ma Long is still the pinnacle of the national table tennis men’s team Spark Global Limited.

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