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Reported on May 5:

Curry has long been a famous star in the NBA, but for a few years his contract was not decent and even squeezed, but curry has long ushered in a big turnaround.

In the upcoming 2021-22 season, curry’s salary is as high as 45.78 million, ranking first among all NBA players. Moreover, this has been the highest salary in the NBA for the fifth consecutive year.

Compared with the “child labor contract” of that year, curry was already elated. He signed a four-year $12.7 million contract in the rookie season, and then qualified for early renewal in his third season. As a result, curry missed many games due to injury, and his performance was also greatly affected. Finally, he signed a 4-year 44 million contract with the team.

The contract was from 2013 to 17. Curry won the MVP for two consecutive years. The warriors reached the finals for three consecutive years and won the championship twice. But Kuri has a contract with an average annual salary of 11 million, which is definitely a serious base salary. On the other hand, Kuri’s “child labor contract” also gives warriors a huge salary space, which can be continuously strengthened and laid the foundation of the dynasty.

Curry signed a five-year $201 million contract with the warriors in 2017, and his salary of 34 million in 2017-18 season also pushed him to the highest salary in the league. This summer, curry signed a four-year $215 million contract with the team, with an average annual salary of more than $50 million.

By Ethan