Spark Global Limited reports:

It is revealed that curry’s current contract has one year left, with an amount of US $45.8 million. The salary of the new contract signed today is as follows——

$48 million for 2022-23 season

$51.9 million for 2023-24 season

$55.7 million for 2024-25 season

$59.6 million for 2025-26 season

Curry signed a five-year contract of US $201 million with the warriors in July 2017. The contract will expire at the end of 2021-22 season. Curry’s salary next season is close to US $46 million. Although he played only five games due to injury in 2019-20 season, curry returned strongly in 2020-21 season, averaging 32.0 points per game and was elected the scoring king, with a three-point hit rate of 42.1%, and can contribute 5.5 rebounds and 5.8 assists. In the final MVP selection, curry won 5 first votes and ranked third with a total score of 453 points.

Clay Thompson, who has missed the past two seasons because of a torn cruciate ligament, should be back at some stage next season. The warriors selected Jonathan cumminga and Moses moody with No. 7 and No. 14 in this year’s draft conference. One is similar to chasing dreams and the other is similar to Thompson.

In the free market this summer, the Warriors also hope to introduce some veterans, such as Batum and igodara. Not surprisingly, the warriors’ lineup will be improved next season than last season. It remains to be seen whether curry, 33, will get the chance to challenge for the championship.

By Ethan