Curry set a record of 31 points in the first round

On March 8, Beijing time, Stephen curry became the champion of 2021 all star three-point competition.

Curry set a record of 31 points in the first round

Six people fight for the “third king”. Stephen curry, Jason Tatum, Donovan Mitchell, Jay brown, Zach Raven and Mike Conley. Of the six, only curry ever won in 2015.


1。 Brown took the lead. He was nervous and scored 17 points.



2。 Tatum made his second appearance. He has a good hand and a lot of flower balls, scoring 25 points.


3。 The former “dunk king” Raven was the third player, he rarely put the flower basket in the first position, and finally scored 22 points.


4。 Conley put the ball on the top of the arc, hit all the shots and scored 28 points.


5。 Mitchell was close behind his jazz teammates, with an average performance of 22 points.


6。 Curry’s final act. He played normally, promoted early and finally scored 31 points. For the first time in the history of the three-point contest, he exceeded 30 points.


The top three in the first round were curry, Conley and Tatum.


1。 Tatum was the first player in the final and had only 17 points.


2。 Conley was more stable and getting better. He scored four goals and scored 27 points.


3。 There’s pressure in curry. The first four shots are all lost. He also gradually adjusted to a good state, two 3-point green ball hit. In the last goal, he hit and scored 28 points. He narrowly beat Conley by 1 point and became the “three-point king” again.

By Ethan