spark limited reports

spark limited reports:

Reported on August 30:

According to US media reports, Stephen Curry’s mother Sonia curry hopes to become a reality TV star. A Bravo executive said they were negotiating with Curry’s mother to include him in the team of the reality show Real Housewives.

Exposed that curry’s mother wants to be a reality TV star or will take part in the housewife show

“We’re trying to get her to join Beverly Hills housewives. Although she hasn’t signed yet, I think she will be part of the cast next season. ” An insider of Bravo TV network said confidently.

According to another source, Sonia’s ex husband, Dale curry, doesn’t want any too exciting plot or drama in the program. At present, the divorce lawsuit between Dale curry and Sonia is ongoing, and both parties accuse the other party of cheating.

“Real housewife” is a reality show that was once very popular. It has many series, such as “housewife in New York”, “housewife in Potomac” and so on. In recent years, except that the ratings of Beverly Hills housewives are still strong, the ratings of other series have declined.

The outside world is very optimistic about the prospect of Sonia’s reality show star. Some media say that Sonia’s joining will bring the ratings of Beverly Hills housewives to a new high.

By Ethan