Wu Dajing successfully promoted to the Chinese women's relay

Tencent Sports News November 29, Beijing time news, the third leg of the 2019-2020 season short track speed skating World Cup ended the first competition day in Nagoya, Japan today. In the individual preliminaries, most of the Chinese team played normally and smoothly. In the main race of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, but Qu Chunyu, Ren Ziwei, Li Jinyu and other famous players have retired, yellow cards, injuries, and other unexpected situations. In the preliminaries of the three relay events, the Chinese women’s team, which had won two consecutive championships this season, was convicted of fouls and left early, while the men’s and women’s mixed relay and men’s 5000-meter relay events performed normally and entered the semi-finals.

Wu Dajing, the champion of the Winter Olympics, signed up for the 500-meter and 1,000-meter events at this station. In the 500m qualifying race of the main event, he was assigned to start in the 6th group with a clear advantage. He has taken the lead since the beginning of the race. He won the group top with a time of 41.187 seconds and successfully entered the fourth in the afternoon of the day after tomorrow. Round of the finals. The other two Chinese players who participated in the men’s 500 meters with Wu Dajing were Sun Long and Ren Ziwei. The former defeated Hungarian Liu Shaoang and Canadian Dion in the 4th group. They finished the race in 41 seconds and 218 seconds. Entering the wild card match, Liu Shaoang finished the fastest in 41 seconds 075 on the day; the latter made a serious foul in the third group and was given a yellow card warning by the referee and missed the chance to continue the fight.

Han Tianyu Data Map

Only one Chinese team missed the 1500m semifinals

Chinese players Zhang Yuting and Zang Yize participated in the women’s 1000m race. The former was affected by a foul by a Polish player in the first group. Although ranked third with a score of 1:36.071, he was still sentenced to four points in the event tomorrow afternoon. In the final; the latter followed the Dutch star Schulting in the 8th group, hitting the line second with a score of 1:32.231, and also won a place through the quarterfinals. Zang Yize also joined Zhang Chutong in the women’s 500m qualifying round. In the first group competition, Zang Yize slipped 44.32 seconds. Although he lost the world record holder and Canadian star Butin, he qualified for the quarter-finals the day after tomorrow as second place. Butin’s 43.410 finish was the fastest on the day; Zhang Chutong took first place in the 3rd group, with a result of 44.197, and was also a finalist in the quarter-final round.

The three girls representing the Chinese team in the women’s 1500m first qualifying round are Han Yutong, Li Jinyu, and Zhang Chutong. Among them, Li Jinyu ranked first in the 4th group with a time of 2:36.624; Han Yutong and Zhang Chu Tong ranked second and third in the second and third groups with a score of 2:37.550 and 2:25.150 respectively. The three will join hands to enter the semifinal round of the event tomorrow afternoon Spark Global Limited.



By Ethan