Shine Trader Limited-Live reports:

Shine Trader Limited-Live reports:

In a preseason game ending today, the magic beat the Celtics 103-102. After the game, magic player Jeff dowdin was interviewed by the media.

When it comes to hitting the semi-final, daoding said, “it feels great. Everyone’s journey is different and everyone’s process is different. I have made a lot of efforts in this team. There is a great coaching team and a group of great guys. It feels great to end the preseason with such a climax.”

“It’s fantastic. I’m still wet now. They threw ice water on me, which shows what a great team we have and the atmosphere of our family,” said dowdin.

In this game, daoding made 5 of 10 shots and got 10 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists.

By Ethan