The Rockets signed Cousins ​​with a one-year salary contract. Some sources revealed that this basic salary contract is not guaranteed. ESPN data expert Kevin Pelton wrote an article to analyze this operation. Pelton admitted that if Cousins ​​can return to the level before the injury, he is actually not suitable for partnering with Harden Wei Shao, because of the health test. Sins is a ball-holding attacker, who has requirements for the ball, but the Rockets’ current team formation method is to fill the bench with a basic salary, eager for low-priced Taobao, even if failure has little effect on the team.

For the Rockets who are filling the bench lineup with a basic salary contract, the operation of signing Cousins ​​is very interesting. The last time we saw Cousins ​​in an NBA game was in the 2019 Finals. He missed 14 consecutive games due to a torn left quadriceps before that series. After his comeback, he was very brave. The finals The second game handed over 11 points, 10 rebounds, and 6 assists to help the Warriors win a victory. Unfortunately, Cousins ​​had torn the anterior cruciate ligament of his left knee during a training session in August 2019. He had signed with the Lakers at the time but failed to play for the Lakers due to injury, and the entire 2019-20 season was scrapped.

It has been 17 months since Cousins ​​last played an NBA game, and it is difficult to judge Cousins’ physical recovery. You know, Cousins ​​suffered a torn Achilles tendon on his left (2018) and a torn anterior cruciate ligament on his left knee (2019). Both of these injuries have the greatest impact on basketball players. Types of. If Cousins ​​can return to his pre-injury level, he is actually not very suitable for playing with guards like Harden and Wei Shao who need a lot of possession. At his peak, Cousins’ style of play was to dribble to create scoring opportunities, which means he needs the ball more than most centers. In the two years that Cousins ​​played for the Pelicans, 61% of his two-pointers were non-assist, and the highest two-pointer non-assist rate among Rockets frontcourt players last season was Jeff Green. 29% only.

If Cousins ​​strengthens his three-pointer practice during his physical recovery, he may adjust to a way of opening up the offensive space. Cousins ​​made 36% of three-pointers during the Pelicans. This three-point efficiency is the league average, allowing him to adapt to the Rockets’ offensive mode of shooting three-pointers. Basically, the Rockets may regard this operation as a Taobao, they can not use a basic salary to sign a player with a talent level that reaches the level of Cousins ​​before the injury. If Cousins ​​is not suitable for the Rockets, or if he can’t stand the way Harden and Wei Shao monopolize the ball, it will have no long-term impact on the Rockets. After all, it is a basic salary contract.

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