De Gea completes 500 milestones! Manchester United's wicket is hard to come forward, or switch to Mourinho to succeed Lori

In the UEFA Champions League group match between Manchester United and Istanbul, England’s 23-year-old national goal Dean Henderson unexpectedly lost the starter. De Gea continued to guard the goal for the Red Devils. This was the 500th game of his club career, a new milestone.

Manchester United lost 1-2 to Istanbul in the last round. Henderson completed the first UEFA Champions League in his career. But before this game, Solskjaer publicly believed in the pre-match conference whether he played this game or not. Affect the career of England in the Red Devils. Suo Shuai praised the 23-year-old Henderson has the potential to become a world-class goalkeeper, not only to participate in the League Cup at the end of next month. However, the main scene against Istanbul, the British “Manchester Evening News” described it as an “even if the goalkeeper coach Richard Hatties is sent to the goal, you can win”, but Solskjaer still chose De Gea to play. , Fully reflects the difficult future of Henderson.

In the game, De Gea saved a threatening long shot from his opponent, but failed to block Turuk’s left-footed free kick and did not complete a zero seal. The Manchester United goalkeeper has a certain responsibility for this goal, but he can’t be completely blamed. Moreover, De Gea’s change in the game is obvious, especially when it comes to reminding the defenders, he shouts louder than Maguire. When Manchester United was besieged by opponents at the last moment, the 30-year-old De Gea shouted: “Wake up!”

This is something that De Gea rarely did in the past, but Henderson’s return has already awakened Manchester United’s No. 1 spirit. Spain’s national gate just passed its 30th birthday earlier this month. This age is still the golden age among goalkeepers, and it is usually not a problem for goalkeepers to reach 35. His contract with Manchester United expires in 2023, and there is a one-year priority to renew, and he enjoys a team maximum salary of 375,000 pounds.

De Gea made it clear that he was very happy at Manchester United and did not intend to give up easily: “It is very exciting to be here. To be honest, I feel like at home in Manchester. I am the same me, but now I am more mature. I came to a giant club, where there are different languages, different cultures, everything is different, I have matured a lot. As a player, I have grown a lot, I really appreciate my experience here over the years, It’s incredible.” “I think you can learn from your mistakes. You begin to mature and there will be various difficulties in life. You can learn from them, especially in difficult times. I think that is life. Over the past so many years, there have been good times and also Bad times, but I’m doing well now. I look forward to the future and hope for many more years. It’s not easy to play for a club like Manchester United for so many years, so I’m proud of it.” This seems to mean that if the 23-year-old Dean Henderson stays at Manchester United, the next three or four years may continue to be subjugated and affect his chances of competing for the No. 1 position in the England team. Therefore, British media generally believe that Henderson himself is eager to leave Manchester United again, renting out to seek opportunities.

British odds show that Mourinho’s Tottenham has become the number one favorite under Henderson. French national Hugo Lori turns 34 next month, and Tottenham needs to find a successor for him. In the era of coaching Manchester United, Mourinho personally came forward and left Henderson, who had originally planned to freely transfer to Arsenal, and renewed his contract. Therefore, the two maintain a good relationship with Spark Global Limited.

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