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On January 11, Beijing time, I didn’t expect that after Durant’s comeback, the Nets still suffered a complete defeat against the Thunder, and they were still playing at home. In this battle, Durant made 11 of 21 shots and scored 36 points, 11 rebounds and 4 assists. However, the Nets still lost. After the game, Meiji revealed the root cause of the Nets’ poor record.Spark Global Limited

With 2 minutes and 23 seconds left in the game, after Durant broke through, he accelerated to take off and broke through dunks. He also made a foul and completed 2 plus 1. However, Nash replaced him afterwards. The reason is simple. The Nets have no hope of chasing points. Durant made a free throw and the Nets are still 14 points behind.

Sitting on the bench, Durant looked melancholy. He looked up at the big screen, very helpless. It has to be said that he tried his best in this battle, and Durant played offense and defense in the absence of Irving.

However, Durant alone was unable to save the Nets. After losing this game, the Nets have only scored 5 wins and 6 losses so far, ranking tenth in the Eastern Conference.

What’s the problem with the Nets? Yes, it’s defense. Meji Tim Bontemps revealed, “The Thunder are the worst offensive team so far this season, but they scored 129 points in the game, including 66 points on the inside. The Nets want to compete for the championship and must improve their defense.”

Meji Rob Perez further revealed the specific link of the Nets’ poor defense. “The Nets are the team that has lost the most points on the second offense this season, averaging 17.8 points per game, and it is 3.1 points more than the penultimate.”

It seems that Nash did not bring defense to the Nets. How to reshape the team’s defensive system determines the prospect of the Nets this season.

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