No other day, Deng Yaping, a Grand Slam winner in the table tennis world, showed a picture of his son Lin Hanming winning the championship. Deng Yaping wrote excitedly: my son won the singles championship for the first time, and he was happier than I won the championship himself! For a while, Lin Hanming, Deng Yaping’s son, became the object of the fans’ talk
1. He is 14 years old and taller than his mother Deng Yaping!
2. She was once suspected of British nationality. Through Deng Yaping’s passport, it has been confirmed that both mother and son are Chinese.
3. Lin Hanming, 14, has entered the Beijing team and won the championship in the Beijing Youth Table Tennis Championship.

It is said that the tiger mother has no dog son. Deng Yaping once created an era of her own in Chinese table tennis, so fans also like to compare her son Lin Hanming with her.
Lin Hanming, 14, won the singles championship for the first time, but the title is local, not national, and certainly not world-class. Then, at the age of 14, what level was Deng Yaping at? Let’s not talk about 14 years old. Let’s talk about Deng Yaping when she was 13 years old. That year, Deng Yaping’s strength was already outstanding and won the team and individual singles Championships of the full championship. Then, when Deng Ya Ping was 15 years old, she won the individual singles championship of the national table tennis youth championship, and her son won the Beijing youth championship at the age of 14. When Deng Ya Ping was one year older than her son, she won the national level, and the strong and the weak made a decision.
Mom is still better than her son!

Moreover, Deng Yaping entered the national team with excellent results at the age of 15 and won the Asian Cup Singles Championship in the same year. The following year, Deng Yaping, 16, won the doubles championship in the world table tennis championships, completing her first World Championship in her career. Deng Yaping’s level in the national table tennis team is absolutely phenomenal. However, her son Lin Hanming may not achieve his mother’s achievements when he is 16 years old. Moreover, Lin Hanming is still on the local team and has not entered the national team. Even the second national team, with the current competitiveness of the national table tennis team, it is absolutely difficult for Lin Hanming to quickly climb to the first-line main position even if he enters the national team next year.

As a matter of fact, Lin Hanming is still in the local team at the age of 14 and basically does not belong to the kind of gifted children. Wang Manyu entered the national youth team at the age of 14, and then entered the national first team at the age of 17, and quickly became the main force; sun yingsha entered the second national team at the age of 15, and the first national team at the age of 17; and Fan Zhendong, who now ranks first in the world, entered the national team at the age of 15 and made a rapid appearance. In fact, before they entered the national team, the achievements of these talented players were much better than that of Lin Hanming. If Lin Hanming really wants to eat “playing table tennis” and wants to trace his mother’s past steps, he still needs to work hard at the moment. After all, in the national table tennis team, you may not have a chance to work hard, but if you don’t work hard, there must be no chance to spark global limited!

By Ethan