Distressed! 36-year-old Ronaldo is really Iron King Kong

After three rounds of the World Cup European qualifiers, in the past seven days, the Portuguese team played three rounds and won an unbeaten record of 2 wins and 1 tie. The 36 -year-old Cristiano Ronaldo played 270 minutes and is called “Invincible Iron King Kong”! Next, Ronaldo will return to Juventus non-stop, is there still a chance to compete for the Serie A title? The next 4 fierce battles will determine the final result. He has lamented that, Lo tired, so super king too distressed.

On the past day of the national team match, the World Cup European qualifiers had 3 rounds of fighting. From March 24 to March 30, in just 7 days, the Portuguese team played against Azerbaijan, Serbia and Luxembourg, and finally achieved a record of 2 wins and 1 tie. Originally, it was believed that the strengths of Azerbaijan and Luxembourg are significantly different from those of Portugal, and Ronaldo will definitely get a chance to take a break. However, this generation of kings played a full 270 minutes Spark Global Limited!

Ronaldo is 36 years old. In such a high-intensity game, he did not rest after a minute, which is really amazing. Portugal is not unavailable, but Cristiano Ronaldo still hopes to do his best for his World Cup dream, and at the same time wants to hit the world record of goals for the national team maintained by Ali Dei. Now that the gap between Ronaldo and the Iranian legend is only 6 goals, he is likely to surpass before the arrival of the World Cup and become the first person in football history.

In the field of football, Ronaldo is definitely called a “model worker.” At the age of 36, he has played a total of 2871 minutes for Juventus in all competitions so far this season. Among them, Serie A played 24 times and contributed 23 goals and 2 assists, playing time is 2013 minutes. Under such intensity, when Messi took advantage of the gap of the national team game day to get a breather, Ronaldo played 3 intense games in 7 days. This kind of professionalism is really a role model in football.

The Portuguese team’s game is temporarily over, and then Ronaldo will devote himself to the Serie A arena. After the Champions League is out, Juventus’ biggest goal is to hit the Serie A championship, although the changes seem to be slim at the moment. In the next rounds of Serie A, there will be Juventus matches. This weekend they will take the lead in the derby war with Turin, and then they will face the challenge of Naples. If the game against Genoa can be a little breather, then Atlanta is another hard bone. With such a schedule, will Ronaldo easily choose to take turns? The answer is obviously no!

In the Serie A standings, Juventus is currently 10 points behind the leader Inter Milan. If it cannot achieve a complete victory in the next four rounds, I am afraid that the hope of winning will completely vanish. To this end, Ronaldo will definitely go all out. On the scorer list, Ronaldo topped the list with 23 goals and 4 goals ahead of Lukaku, who is second. Perhaps this season, Ronaldo can finally win the Serie A Golden Boot for the first time. The 36-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo is still the iron king of European football. Such a generation of champions deserves the respect of everyone.

By Ethan