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According to “Aspen” reported that Ramos, who was injured in the national team, will be absent from Real Madrid’s next three games, but Melinger is more concerned about the renewal negotiations between the two sides. Please rest assured, Shui Ye will definitely stay, because in Real Madrid, he has everything.

In 2005, Ramos joined Real Madrid from Sevilla and signed an 8-year long contract, which has been renewed 4 times so far. The first time was in 2007, he reached an agreement with the then Real Madrid chairman Calderon and General Manager Miatovic to raise his salary by 2 million euros per year.

The second time was in 2011. Shui Ye renewed his contract to 2017 with an annual salary of 5 million. The third time was in 2015, when it was rumored that Man Lenovo bought Ramos, but the Red Devils were just a tool to raise the price. In the end, he negotiated with Florentino and renewed his salary until 2020.

The fourth time was in 2019, Ramos went directly to Galeries Lafayette’s office and told him that a Super League team wanted him, but was unwilling to pay the transfer fee. Ramos said affectionately at the press conference: “I don’t want to leave, I want to retire here. Money is the smallest detail.” The two parties renewed their contract until 2021.

This shows that there may be twists and turns in each renewal, but Ramos’ ultimate goal is to stay in Real Madrid. Shui Ye knows that now is not the best time to talk about contract renewal, because of the impact of the epidemic, Real Madrid’s economic situation is not good, and he is thinking about lowering the players’ salary; he also knows that Paris can provide longer contracts and higher This may be his last big contract before retiring.

However, the “Daily Mail” pointed out that Ramos is the king of the Real Madrid world. Only here can he enjoy such a lofty status and possess power and influence beyond the scope of sports. And when I went to Paris, I was just an “outsider”.

Therefore, it is Ramos’ inevitable choice to renew his contract until he retires from Real Madrid.

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