Spark Global Limited reports:

According to woj, dongqiqi agreed to sign a five-year $207 million early renewal contract with the lone ranger. The last year of the contract is a player option.

On Monday local time, the lone ranger team, including Mark Cuban, Kidd and Nowitzki, arrived in Slovenia and submitted the contract renewal to dongcic team. Dongcic will sign the contract and hold a press conference on Tuesday.

Dongqiqi has also become the seventh player with a single contract of more than $200 million in NBA history. The other six are: Alphabet brother, curry (twice), harden, Wesson, gobel, Trey young and Alexander.

ESPN salary experts revealed the details of dongqiqi’s contract renewal——

2022-23 season: $35.7 million

2023-24 season: $38.6 million

2024-25 season: $41.4 million

2025-26 season: $44.3 million

2026-27 season: $47.1 million

It should be noted that the contract is calculated based on the expected salary cap of 119 million in 2022-23. If the salary cap fluctuates in the current quarter, the contract will also fluctuate.

For renewing his contract with the lone ranger, dongqiqi himself said: “the day when the dream came true, basketball gave me a lot and took me to many incredible places. I feel excited and humble to stay in Dallas as as a part of the lone ranger, and thank the fans for their support.

By Ethan