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At 12:40 on July 26, the men’s basketball group match of the Tokyo Olympic Games continued, and Argentina played Slovenia. Slovenian star Dong CIC scored 31 points at half-time, slashed 48 points and 11 rebounds, leading the team to a big victory. Finally, Argentina defeated Slovenia 100-118 and lost the first game. The scores in the four quarters were 24-32, 18-30, 24-26 and 34-30 respectively (Argentina scored first).

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Dongcic’s first show slashed 48 + 11 Slovenia men’s basketball team to win Argentina

Data statistics:

Argentina: Scola 23 points and 4 rebounds, campazo 21 points and 4 assists and 6 rebounds, dyke 17 points and 8 rebounds

Slovenia: doncic 48 points, 11 rebounds and 5 assists, Toby 11 points and 14 rebounds, Kankar 12 points and preperic 22 points

Dongcic’s first show slashed 48 + 11 Slovenia men’s basketball team to win Argentina

Competition related:

The game is the first show of the two teams in the Tokyo Olympic Games. The men’s basketball game of the Olympic Games is divided into three groups. Argentina and Slovenia are in group C. the teams in the same group also include Spain and host Japan. The top two in each group and the third with the best results will be promoted to the top eight.

Event playback:

At the beginning of the first quarter, Scola turned over and hit the jump shot. Dradzic and campazo scored three points against each other. Dongcic hit three three points in a row. Scola was successful against the layup, and campazo hit back into the empty basket. Scola turned and hit with a hook, Toby hit 2 + 1 under the basket, dongcic hit 3 free throws, and campazo accelerated his breakthrough into the empty basket. Dongqiqi hit 2 + 1, sildoza threw successfully, Kankar turned and hit, and dyke dunked with both hands. Dongcic threw and scored, Delia hit 2 + 1, murich and brazik hit three points in a row. After the first quarter, Argentina fell behind Slovenia 24-32.

Dongcic’s first show slashed 48 + 11 Slovenia men’s basketball team to win Argentina

In the second quarter, preperic made a three-point hit, dyke threw and scored, kampazo hit three points at the bottom corner, and Slovenia requested a suspension. After a pause, dongqiqi threw the shot successfully, dyke dunked with both hands, Kankar layup hit 2 + 1, and Toby hit the center shot from the free throw line. Dong Qiqi scored in the second attack, Scola laid up to stop bleeding, and Dong Qiqi made up the basket again. Scola ate bread under the basket, Wallett counterattacked the sudden deduction score, Dongqi scored 2 + 1, assisted niklic to hit a three-point hit, and then made his own outside shot. After half-time, Argentina fell behind Slovenia 42-62, and dongcic scored 31 points, taking half of the team’s points.

Yi Bian fought again, Scola was successful against the layup, Toby received the violent buckle in the air, and Scola was successful in the strong attack. Dragic fought back and made progress, Toby ate bread under the basket, Kankar scored a fast break layup, the difference came to 23 points, and Argentina was forced to stop. After a pause, campazo made a successful layup, rupnik hit an open three-point, Dong Qiqi pulled out three points, and Dilia scored a layup. Dimitri layup, dyke hit three points and provito slammed his hands. After the third quarter, Argentina fell 66-88 behind Slovenia.

At the end of the quarter, preperich hit three points, dongcic threw and scored, sildoza layup was successful, and Gallino picked up the basket and scored. Dongcic hit the CIC, kampazzo hit the bottom corner, Bruno split the buckle with one hand, and dongcic made up the basket after hitting three points in the front. 4 minutes and 35 seconds before the end, the difference reached 26 points, and dongcic was replaced. Scola made two free throws, preperic scored continuously, and campazo broke through and played 2 + 1. At the last moment, the difference between the two sides was too large, and the game lost suspense in advance. Finally, Slovenia won Argentina 118-100 and made a good start.

By Ethan