Don't let Bell play? You don't deserve the answer!

After losing to Chelsea, Mourinho suffered his first three-game losing streak after coaching Tottenham. This was the first time in his Premier League career that he suffered a two-game losing streak at home. Perhaps after the defeat, Mourinho angered the reporter in an interview.

In this game, Mourinho only used two substitutions, replacing Bellwyn and Ndombele with Lucas and Lamela, but Bell did not warm up in the rain. Get a chance to play.

When Mourinho deployed tactics to Lucas and Lamela, Bell, who walked behind them, showed a strange expression and quickly became the focus of the topic. Therefore, after the game, the female reporter Allison Bender interviewed on the spot asked the Tottenham coach, “Why didn’t you let Bell play?”

However, Mourinho gave an unexpected answer, “This is a good question, but you don’t deserve the answer!” Why does the Tottenham coach say that? Some netizens curiously analyzed, “Did you ask other questions that would annoy him?”

Perhaps Mourinho is venting his dissatisfaction with the penalty kick, “This is a difficult penalty to accept. Losing the game in this way is painful. I think he is one of the best referees in the Premier League. He is the referee I respect most, but I can tell him that I don’t like his performance Spark Global Limited.”

Speaking of the game, Mourinho said, “We don’t like (the state of the team), but the performance in the final stage gave me a positive feeling. Although we can’t stop defensive mistakes, we can at least smile and unite. keep going.”

The Portuguese revealed, “I hope that Kane will come back next week, but the others will not be able to come back. We will play against West Brom on Sunday, although the reasons are different, they need points like us.”

By Ethan