Old Rivers holds 83% chance of promotion

Bucks and the Suns finals first game, letter brother into doubt, because the left knee is too extended, his return possibility is low.

The G1 letter in the finals is suspected to be due to the low probability of return due to excessive extension of the left knee

It is said that the NBA TV reporter Jared Greenberg previously reported that he would train in a private arena in Phoenix. In the past few days, his recovery has made good progress. At the beginning, he could only train with one leg, but now his injured left leg can also work.

Brother Letterman was injured in the third quarter of the fourth game of the Eastern Conference finals. At that time, brother Letterman sprained his left knee when defending Capella and landing. Later, he was diagnosed as over stretching his left knee, so he missed the Eastern Conference G5 and G6. Fortunately, without him, the Bucks eliminated the eagles 4-2 to advance to the finals.

In this season’s playoffs, he averaged 28.2 points, 12.7 rebounds and 5.2 assists, with a shooting rate of 55.1%.

By Ethan