Spark Global Limited reports:

Today, Dragic was interviewed on the street. In the interview, he said he didn’t want to go to the Raptors.

“Toronto is not my favorite destination. I have greater aspirations. We’ll see.” Dragic said.

Previously, in Lori’s signing and exchange transaction, Dragic was sent to the Raptors. It is reported that the Raptors have no intention to fire Dragic and have repeatedly rejected his trading application.

Raptor reporter Michael grangej contacted Dragic about this matter, and Dragic apologized:

“What I want to say to Toronto fans is that I want to apologize to you. Things are not going in the right direction. I know Toronto fans love their team. They should be proud. It is one of the best teams in the NBA. They have won the championship, but I don’t, so what I said is really inappropriate.

I’ve always been professional, and you can get this feedback from a lot of people. No matter where I play, no matter where I play in the future, I will become a professional player and do my job well.

I love basketball, I love playing, no matter where I play, I will go all out. Now I’m in Toronto (Raptors). Doing my best for Raptors is my main consideration. ”

Raptors manager Webster responded to this in an interview today. He said that the context of the video interview with riddradzic may have been lost. The message conveyed in this video – dradzic doesn’t want to stay in the Raptors – is not the impression the team gets from dradzic’s camp.

Raptor reporter Josh lewenberg said that Webster still plans to keep dradzic at the beginning of the new season.

By Ethan