Dream: now that everything is ready, it's not a success if you don't win the championship in the new season-Spark Global Limited

Spark Global Limited Warriors general Drummond – green and team rookie James – Wiseman were suspected of infected with the new crown, the two also missed the subsequent training and competition. According to the latest reports of American media, green and Wiseman have recovered and participated in the warriors training for the first time. In an interview with reporters, green admitted that the past 10 days have been very annoying, but now everything is in place, and he said to the new season’s heroism: “if we don’t win the championship, we won’t succeed.” In the new season, can chasing dreams become a good helper around curry?

Earlier, the Warriors announced that two of the warriors had tested positive for the new coronavirus, although the team did not disclose which two people were infected. But then, chase dream and Wiseman were absent from the training camp and the pre-season games that followed, so basically it can be concluded that they were the two who infected the new crown. Coach Cole’s words in an interview with the media have basically proved this fact. However, the good news is that green and Wiseman have both recovered recently and participated in the team’s training for the first time.

Griffin who used to pull the mountain

“But I’m back,” green admits, the last 10 days, “Green said.” I feel good training and I’m going to work harder He’s feeling good now and everything is ready. In addition, he also gave a high evaluation of Wiseman’s performance in training, “James (Wiseman) is flying all over the field today.” At present, the warriors have two games left in their preseason with the kings, but according to league rules, green and Wiseman are not expected to play. The upcoming new season, for the Warriors is not small, clay – Thompson’s injury again, will make the water brothers reintegration delay again, despite the recruitment of fiber, also won the top show Wiseman, but the outside world is not optimistic about the warriors, that their strength is only enough to enter the playoffs. Looking forward to the new season, he said: “if we don’t win the championship, we are not successful.”

In the new season, the Warriors’ opening game will face Durant’s nets team. As we all know, ADU and chase dream had a festival in the warriors in the past, and many rumors said that Adu’s departure was also due to this. When asked about the opening war, he said: “it was my son’s fourth birthday that day. It’s a terrible thing.”

By Ethan