Some time ago, Harden’s rumors made the Nets the center of the news. At that time, Harden wanted to leave the team and rejected a two-year $103 million contract extension. He wanted to join the Nets and join forces with Durant. . It is not easy for the Nets to gather the Big Three because, in addition to Durant and Irving, other players do not have the value of exchanging the league’s top five star Harden, so there are rumors that Durant is very difficult. On the one hand, He hopes to join forces with former teammate Harden. On the other hand, if he gets Harden, he almost has to pay Irving, and the relationship between Durant and Irving is also great.

But soon because the Nets could not come up with enough chips to exchange, Harden’s rumors were temporarily suspended. Now the latest situation is that Irving and Durant have returned to training. This is according to Nets General Manager Sean Marx. , He said when updating social media: Durant and Irving are back to the training hall, they look great!

Being able to train together under such circumstances shows that there is no problem between Durant and Irving, and Harden will not be an obstacle between them. What you need to know is that Durant, who had confirmed his reimbursement for the season last year, joined the Nets. It is because of him that Owen left Boston and joined the Nets. Brooklyn’s team has also combined into an enviable dual-core. , But they haven’t played a game together yet, so in this case, because Harden was taken apart, it is indeed a bit inappropriate.

Now with the Nets General Manager Sean Marx’s post, it shows that there is no problem between the teams, and when the regular season is about to restart there, Durant and Irving have recovered. Training has officially resumed, which is absolutely good news for fans who like the Nets and these two superstars.

So now the Nets have to get back on track. After a season full of injuries and uncertainties, the comeback of the Nets is very competitive, even if there is no combination of the Big Three, the German coaches rush to support, Durant returns, Irving has also returned to health, coupled with the new Nets marshal Nash, this combination is indeed worth looking forward to.

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