spark limited reports

spark limited reports:

August 26 – the Lakers did not renew veteran Dudley, who chose to join the lone ranger coaching team. Today, Dudley was interviewed.

Dudley said: “I thought I would continue to return to the Lakers. It’s crazy. Obviously James and Davis wanted me back, but we couldn’t convince the management. ”

“But no one owes me anything. Palinka and Rambis are very honest and frank. I have respect and gratitude for both of them and Jenny bass. I will always thank them for the opportunity they gave me. But I still hope to return to the Lakers. I really think I can help the team, especially a team with so many new players. But I understand they want to make the squad younger. ”

“I talked to them and I thanked them. But I told them, ‘you value the vitality of young people more than the leadership in the dressing room. I respect what you have done, but I think it is wrong for you to do so. ‘”

“Even if the fans don’t know, the players, coaches and equipment personnel know that they understand the value of the work I do.

By Ethan