shine trader limited reports

shine trader limited reports:

The Brooklyn nets play the Miami Heat in the NBA regular season. In this game, Kevin Durant, a superstar of the basketball network, did not play well under the restriction of Tucker, who made 9 of 18 shots, scored 25 points, 11 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 blocks, but made five mistakes. Finally, the nets lost to the heat 93-106.

After the game, Durant and harden did not enter the state. In the first quarter of 8 minutes and 11 seconds, Tucker hit the bottom three points. Durant couldn’t sit still. He came to ask for the ball and challenged Tucker. Sheng Sheng used his height advantage to hit two points on the other side’s head. In the middle of this section, Durant chased for a three-point shot, forced Adebayor to commit a foul and hit all three.

In the first quarter of 3 minutes and 34 seconds, Tucker angrily picked the offensive rebound and turned to take the shot. Durant was ready to put on an overbearing one arm press hat. In the last 30 seconds, Durant dribbled the ball, used the cover to get rid of Tucker who was close to him like brown sugar, and hit the drift back pitch from the free throw line.

In the second quarter, the rebound momentum of the nets was quite fierce. In the last three minutes of the half-time, Durant accelerated his goal with the ball. No one dared to stop the heat and watched him finish the flying slam dunk. Durant was quite dissatisfied with the completion of the ball and spread out his hands to the referee for a whistle. In this game, old opponent Tucker continued to guard against Durant. During the interval of the game, the two also staged a fierce debate, which was full of gunpowder. Interestingly, shortly after that, Tucker was fouled by the referee on the bench. Durant took a technical free throw.

As soon as the third quarter came up, Durant didn’t need to warm up at all. Taking harden’s pass and directly facing Butler was a three-point hit. But the heat is a very tough and unyielding team, Durant’s strength did not knock them down. Since then, the heat launched a counterattack and quickly realized the anti super. Durant made a series of mistakes under the strict defense of the other party.

Durant tried to take over the game in the second half of the final quarter. With little offensive time left, Durant moved one step sideways and made a strong three-point shot to stop the bleeding for the team. Under Tucker’s crazy entanglement, Durant was completely lost, and even the backward pitching of the signboard also deviated. Harden’s performance was low, and Durant was locked by Tucker. The nets can only change the main lineup and surrender in advance.

By Ethan