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On October 26, Beijing time, Kevin Durant was selected as the NBA “75 Outstanding”, which turned out to be his dream more than 20 years ago.

Durant was selected without much suspense. He can be said to be the first person in the NBA today, with 11 active players selected, of course he is indispensable.

After the Nets defeated the Wizards today, Durant talked about it in an interview.

“Twenty years ago, when I watched the birth of the ’50 Best’, I wanted to be one of them,” Durant said.

The NBA “50 Best” was launched 25 years ago, when Durant was only 8 years old.

25 years later, Durant is already one of the top stars in the NBA. If the “50 Best” is selected again in the future, Durant may also be elected. (Angkor)

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By Ethan