shine trader live reports

shine trader live reports:

It is getting closer and closer to the opening time of the regular season, but there is still no sign that Owen has been vaccinated. The basketball star Durant also expressed his views on this.

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Durant said the nets are eager to become a complete team, but he also respects Owen’s personal decision and still regards him as a part of the team.

“I still think he is part of the team. Maybe I’m naive, but this is really my feeling. I feel that everyone has confidence in themselves and our team. If we can continue to forge, we will certainly be able to do something special.”

Durant said he understood Owen’s situation. “He is dealing with some personal affairs. When he does, we focus on ourselves in the stadium and keep working. When the problem can be solved, he will be fine.”

“He is a very special player. What he does on the pitch is difficult to copy. But now that this is the case, professional sports is that one person is absent, another person has to stand up, and we have to have this mentality. So we expect others to stand up and fill such a role as much as possible.”

At present, the basketball network is in the preseason. October 19 local time is the beginning of the regular season. Now there is less than half a month left. If Owen insists on not vaccinating, he will not be able to participate in the game and training at home in New York.

By Ethan