shine trader limited reports

shine trader limited reports:

The nets lost 95-111 to the Hornets. They played three games at the beginning of the season, and they have lost two.

Owen was suspended by the nets because he refused to be vaccinated. Durant was asked again about Owen after the game today. Did his absence affect the team’s firepower output?

“We certainly hope Owen can play,” Durant said. “He is an important part of the team, but he is not here now. No one will lose confidence. We won’t hope him to come back and save us. We believe that even without him, we have enough strength to compete with our opponents.”

Durant scored 38 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists in 17 of 24 shots today, which can be said to be the best game of the season so far. However, harden, another giant of the basketball network, performed very generally. He only got 15 points in 6 of 16 shots. Although he contributed 7 rebounds and 8 assists, he also made 8 mistakes.

Except Durant and harden, no one scored double in the basketball net. The team’s hit rate was only 43.7%, and only 9 of 35 three-point shots.

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