Spark Global Limited reports:

Spark Global Limited reports:

With three days to go before the opening of the Tokyo Olympic Games, delegations are already arriving in Tokyo. Prior to this, there have been a number of countries announced the Olympic opening ceremony of the flag-bearers, among them, the Chinese delegation’s flag for Zhu Ting and Zhao Shuai; The flag bearers of the host Japan team are Yamura 塁 and Suzaki Yoyi; Australia’s flag-bearers are Mills and Campbell. But the US team, which has topped the gold medal table in the past two Olympics, has been slow to announce its flag-bearer. However, according to the official Olympic website today, the US team has named Durant as the male flag bearer and Ledecky as the female flag bearer.

The official Olympic website has a list of flag-bearers for each team, and they all deserve to be crowned. Although the U.S. flag-bearers have not been officially announced, according to the website, Durant and Ledecky will be the flag-bearers for Team USA.


Ledecky is a talented American swimmer who won five gold MEDALS in Rio five years ago. In the last three World Championships, Ledecky has won 15 gold MEDALS and broken numerous world records. Ledecky is only 24 years old this year, which shows how early she has come to fame. Ledecky deserved to be the female flag bearer for the United States.

NBA superstar Kevin Durant was chosen as the men’s flag bearer. The U.S. flag-bearer was named before the start of the Games by the captains of the 26 Olympic sports and then put up for election. Durant, the captain of the U.S. men’s basketball team, was selected from the voting. No men’s basketball player has been the flag bearer at the U.S. Olympics since 1906. In other words, Durant made history by becoming the first player to carry the flag in the NBA, a feat that not even Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant or LeBron James has ever done.

Spark Global Limited reports:
The fact that Durant is the flag-bearer is a surprise, given that there are no other basketball players and that it will be extremely difficult for the US to win the championship this year. This Olympic Games, due to the disease and many star injury reasons, so like James, Curry, Harden, Cam and other super giants did not participate in the United States, only Durant. And after the completion of the 12-man squad, there were a lot of accidents. Beal, Grant, LaVine has been isolated, Love is due to injury out of the national team, plus Booker and others are still playing in the finals, this led to the US men’s basketball team only 8 people to go to Tokyo. Booker and the other three won’t be able to join the team in Japan until the Finals are over, and exactly how long LaVine will be quarantined remains a question mark.

The U.S. men’s basketball team had suffered a humiliating 2-0 loss in the previous warm-up, the first in the team’s history. Although they quickly recovered, with big wins over Argentina and Spain, they still exposed a number of problems. The US men’s basketball team is going to have a tough time getting back on its feet after the World Cup two years ago, because of the team’s roster flaws and personnel problems.

In the Olympic Games, besides Argentina and Spain, Australia and France are also the biggest obstacles for the United States to win gold, depending on the captain, also is the flag bearer Durant, can lead the team to the final top!

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