shine trader live reports

shine trader live reports:

The Lakers played warriors in the home preseason. Westbrook started with LeBron and Davis for the first time, but he was still silent at the beginning.

Wei Shao first tried to pass Anthony a dry jump shot, but the latter missed. Then he tried to pass Davis a long pass and ended up with a mistake.

In 9 minutes and 27 seconds, after receiving the ball on the outside, he instinctively made a fake action to shake people, trying to create a foul by Wiggins, but under the new blowing rules of the NBA, such action will no longer be called a defensive foul.

Wei Shao failed to touch the porcelain, and his hand posture became very stiff and awkward. Originally, he had the opportunity to take an empty hand, but he didn’t expect to self defeating.

Wei Shao didn’t get a point in the first quarter. He only cooperated with LeBron once, but made two mistakes. When he left the court, Rondo cooperated with Davis vividly and played a good offensive efficiency.

By Ethan