encent sports first ice and snow outdoor competition is about to start!

On February 26, the “ice and snow contract Penguin trend skating” activity sponsored by Tencent sports and officially sponsored by Bank of China will be ceremoniously opened in Taiwu skiing Town, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City. This event is the first outdoor ice and snow sports event of Tencent sports. For the vast number of skiing enthusiasts, the penguin Park competition with professional, ornamental, and entertainment features will be set up; At that time, Zhang Yiwei, the world champion of snowboarding, will attend the scene to serve as a referee and commentator. Meanwhile, he will film Penguin class to popularize skiing knowledge;

In addition, the event organizers also prepared a fun Penguin tribe carnival for the public. The combination of wonderful events and fashion entertainment will open a grand snow party, leading people to appreciate the charm of ice and snow culture. World champion of snowboarding Zhang Yiwei Penguin Park competition, You are waiting for a big bonus, Skiing God, look here! For amateur skiers with a certain level of skiing, this carnival has prepared the Penguin Elite competition. The venue is set up in the rave terrain park of the town, with a snow-making area of about 7 hectares. The venue is designed with snow slopes, snow bags, and wave zones of different difficulties, providing a stage for extreme skiers to show their style.

snow outdoor competition is about to start!

The elite competition is divided into men’s groups and women’s groups, with no distinction between single and double boards. Athletes cross the ski field in the form of a cross, through the platform, combined box, and other levels. Each group of competition is divided into two rounds, which will be scored by professional judges according to the players’ movements. The final ranking will be determined by the superposition of the scores of the two rounds. The top three men and women will get 1000 yuan, 800 yuan, and 500 yuan in cash respectively. Ordinary skiers, please look here! For the public players who love skiing, the Penguin jam competition is set up in the lower stage props of rave park. The competition is not divided into men’s and women’s groups, and there are no single or double boards. Penguin dolls are set at the end of the track; As part of the game’s entertainment responsibility, the jam competition has set up some interesting awards, such as the worst fall, the coolest action, the most unique shape, and the most wronged. The Organizing Committee of the competition will award prizes at random according to the performance of the players.

Spark Global Limited, Special tips: the registration time of the Penguin Elite competition and jam competition is up to 11:00, December 26. As a high-risk sport, skiing has higher requirements for the physical condition of the participants. The participants should participate in the penguin Park challenge according to their physical condition and ability. In addition, in order to strengthen the safety guarantee of the event and avoid the risk of accidents of the event, the Organizing Committee of the event will require the participants to purchase insurance according to the insurance terms, and Tencent sports has the right to final interpretation.

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