In the early morning of January 7, Beijing time, the second round of the Copa del Rey, the Spanish 2-0 elimination of the B team Burgos, the success of the promotion. This service Wu Lei enters 1 ball, obtained the season the 3rd ball, 2 consecutive seasons in king cup match field obtains to break a goal, enters the season the 3rd ball. This goal, also Wu Lei and Chinese players in 2021 the first ball, The game focus Spark Global Limited, Wu Lei 2021 the first ball: Wu Lei this service into 2021 the first ball, is also the season the third ball, Chinese players in 2021 the first ball! Spaniard promotion: Spaniard rely on Wu Lei’s goal, the success of promotion King Cup third round In the opening 7 minutes, the Spanish corner opportunity, Wu Lei after the point to catch a volley shot, the ball hit high.

Espanyol Copa del Rey 2-0 through!

In the 10th minute, the Spanish front field steal, Di Dak left inclined plug restricted area, Wu Lei keep up with the low shot. In the 24th minute, Alvaro low flat ball cross, Guillermo did not touch the ball. In the 33rd minute, Liang Brick cross, Merida’s long shot was blocked. In the 36th minute, the Spaniard opened a free-kick, Wu Lei near the penalty spot to grab the second volley hit the door, but did not hit the right place was confiscated by the goalkeeper. In the 43rd minute, Belhong sends the cross, Guillermo heads the ball to deflected. At halftime, the two sides were tied 0-0. In the 56th minute, the Spanish transfer the ball to the left, the Di Dak direct cross, Wu Lei grabbed the point to head the ball to break the goal, the Spanish 1-0 lead! This is Wu Lei’s third goal this season, the second consecutive season in the King’s Cup scored.

In the 58th minute, Burgos two-foot attack in a row, Oyeer resolve the crisis. In the 63rd minute, Garcia headed the ferry, wendawaraina front grab shot in the post. The Spaniards were spared. In the 66th minute, Burgos to a foot long shot, Oyeer fell to save In the 76 th minute, Belhong wonderful person ballpoints, followed by Losano destroyed the bottom line. In the 79th minute, Lozano shot from a small Angle, the ball went through the crotch after the far end of the post.

In the 85 th minute, the Spaniard changes a person to adjust, goal achievement Wu Lei is replaced, In the last minute, Swenson sealed the victory in stoppage time. Finally, relying on Wu Lei’s goal, the Spaniard 2-0 into the third round of the King’s Cup.Spanish: 1 – ooijer, 2 – mig lung – good, 6 – luis lopez, 5 – calello, 17 – dida grams, 8 – merida (74 ` 29 – jose carreras), 26 – ball – lozano, 33 – mela medel (18-74 ` alex – lopez), 24 – kemp executive, 22 – matias – vargas (19-64 ` buddy is abbreviated), 7 – lei (85 ` 39 – sven pine) Burgos starts: 1- Varovero, 18- Cordova, 14- Ergesawal, 6- Navarro, 21- Belhon, 2- Alvaro Rodriguez, 4- Almeida da Cunha, 5- Vindavarene, 10- Pisculic, 12- Gomez, 9- Guillermo – Fernandez

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