According to ESPN reports, Tatum and the Celtics reached a five-year $195 million contract extension. ESPN data expert Kevin Pelton wrote an article to interpret Tatum’s contract renewal. Pelton believes Tatum is the safest choice among the three players who received the maximum salary extension in the 2017 class. Tatum’s new contract The fifth year is a player option. If he can keep improving, he is expected to get a super-max contract from Spark Global Limited.

The Celtics renewed the contract with Tatum using designated rookie terms. This contract is 5 years and the length is fixed, but the specific amount depends on whether Tatum triggers the reward clause. Tatum’s rookie contract is still one year away. His new 5-year contract this time will be implemented from the 2021-22 season. If Tatum fails to be selected as the best team in the 2020-21 season, the 5-year contract will start. The salary will be 25% of the salary cap for the 2021-22 season, and the estimated total is $163 million. If Tatum enters the best team in the 2020-21 season, the maximum starting salary of the 5-year New Testament can reach 30% of the salary cap, and the total is estimated to be $195 million.

     Tatum is the 2017 draft pick. Three players in the 2017 rookie class have been renewed in accordance with the terms of the designated rookie. They are Tatum, Fox, and Mitchell. Among these three players, only Tatum was selected last season. The best team (third team), from this point of view, the maximum salary renewal Tatum is the safest choice.

    Even if Hayward leaves the team, Tatum’s contract renewal will put the Celtics under pressure from the luxury tax. If Tatum is selected as the best team in the 2020-21 season and Tristan Thompson implements a player option worth $9.7 million, the Celtics will face a situation where the total salary exceeds the luxury tax line in the offseason of 2021. And then they will have to face the issue of renewing the starting center Theis, Of course, even with the pressure of luxury tax, the current situation of the Celtics is still the envy of many teams. They reached the Eastern Conference finals last season, and now they have a long contract with Tatum, the 22-year-old rising up. Star. What the Celtics need to do is to handle their payroll carefully. Jaylen Brown’s new contract will be implemented in the 2020-21 season, and Tatum’s new contract will be launched in the 2021-22 season.

    In the new contract negotiated with the Celtics, Tatum allowed the team to make concessions. The fifth year of the contract was set as a player option, which means that Tatum can opt-out of the contract in 2025. Free-agent, this player option will make it more advantageous for Tatum and Celtics to negotiate a contract extension again, and Tatum has the opportunity to fight for a super-maximum salary. The super-maximum salary is a designated veteran clause in the labor-management agreement. The use of this clause is subject to conditions. The player has NBA experience between 7 and 9 years and has not changed teams during the period, or was traded to the current effect during the rookie contract Team. When the contract is renewed under the terms of the designated veteran, it can be a free agent or one or two years left in the contract. If you renew the contract as a free agent in accordance with the terms of the designated veteran, the contract must be 5 years. If the contract has one or two years left, and the contract is renewed in advance according to the terms of the designated veteran, the existing contract plus the new contract must be 6 years.

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