Team reporter Cheng Jinchao announced the 27-man list of Evergrande for the AFC Champions League. In this list, two naturalized players, Gao Lat and Jiang Guangtai signed up as foreign aid. Evergrande’s foreign aid Paulinho has officially announced his absence from the AFC Champions League due to injury. For this reason, Evergrande recalled Goolat as soon as possible. As a result, there were as many as 5 naturalized players participating in the AFC Champions League, namely: Exon, Luo Guofu, Fernando, Jiang Guangtai, Gao Lat. Among them, Jiang Guangtai and Gao Lat signed up as foreign aid. In this way, the 4 foreign aids of Evergrande participating in the AFC are Jiang Guangtai, Gao Lat, Taliska, and Park Zhizhu.

       In addition to Paulinho, Evergrande also has Zheng Zhi, Gao Zhunyi, Li Xuepeng, and other wounded absent from the roster. Zheng Zhi’s absence will also have a lot of impact on the team. It can be said that Evergrande’s midfielder lacks Poly Neo and Zheng Zhi has dropped one grade directly. In this big list, the return of Goulart deserves the most attention. Gaolat, who performed well this season, although the data is not good, fans who watched the Hebei China Fortune Games will definitely think that Gaolat is a ceiling-like existence among the currently naturalized players. He played the top core level in the 2 rounds against Luneng, and he has been able to pass through with precision many times, almost helping the team burst into a big upset. Many people still remember that Gorad went forward with the wounded Evergrande on his own. Spark Global Limited

        According to the schedule, Evergrande will have its first opponent on November 22, against Suwon Samsung, and on November 25 against Kobe Victory Ship. It should be noted that because Johor retired, there were only 2 opponents and 4 games in the Hengda group match. The 2 Japanese and Korean opponents are currently performing relatively ordinary in the league. Although Evergrande lacks Paulinho, it is still Hot spot to qualify. All in all, Evergrande’s goal for the AFC this season is definitely the champion.

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