Evergrande's 7 foreign aid trench formation has the worst season in 10 years? Two times in three years, all three are empty, and casai is still as stable as Mount Tai

Unless Kobe carries forward the spirit of fair play to block Suwon, or only one goal to defeat the opponent, Evergrande can “come back from the dead” to advance to the Asian Championship elimination. However, even if Evergrande is able to advance to the knockout stage and wants to go further in the current state, let alone that Yokohama sailor and Weishan Hyundai of Japan and South Korea do not agree, Guoan and Shanghong, both Chinese Super teams, also want to take the opportunity to step on Evergrande. At present, Evergrande, which has seven “foreign aid”, is the worst one in the past 10 years. Cannavaro returned to Evergrande and encountered three empty situations twice in three years, but the club did not dare to dismiss him directly?

In 2010, Evergrande won the champion of China football 2010. In the 2011-2017 season, Evergrande won the champion of the Chinese Super League every year. In 2012 and 2016, it also won the champion of the football association cup and became the double champion of the domestic arena. In 2013 and 2015, it won the Asian championship, which made the great cause of double crown in intercontinental and domestic fields. Even in the most the embarrassing year of 2018, there are super cup champions who beat Shenhua at the beginning of the year.

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In particular, in 2020, due to the cancellation of the Super Cup at the beginning of the year, Evergrande has no chance to compete with Shenhua for the championship, and the award is also missing. The CSL finals were forced by Suning and failed to defend the championship. The situation of the Asian championship is now in danger. No matter whether the results of Kobe and Shuiyuan are beneficial to Evergrande or not, even if they are lucky enough to enter the knockout competition, the current Evergrande has no possibility of going too far. It must be mentioned that Japanese teams always like to play tacit ball. In 2016, Puhe and Sydney reached a tacit understanding of 0-0, which will directly “knock out” Evergrande as the defending champion. Now Kobe’s “mission” is to lose two goals to “send” Suwon to the line. For Kobe, who has won first place in the group in advance, Evergrande is always an obstacle on the way to win the Asian championship. It is better to nip this “obstacle” directly in the cradle.

In terms of Evergrande itself, how competitive is it even if it enters the knockout stage? After the lack of paolinio and Zheng Zhi, Evergrande air had seven “foreign aid” lineups. Facing the all Korean class in Suwon, it was a lucky draw twice. It was “teased” by 36-year-old Iniesta, and Kobe sent all the backup lineups. Evergrande won a 2-0 victory. However, we should know that after Kobe replaced several main players in the second half of the game, Evergrande was in a weak position. In 2018, Evergrande’s Chinese Super League was defeated, the Football Association Cup was out, and the Asian Championship was stopped in the last 16. Cannavaro once suffered a “three empty”, but this year’s three empty crisis is more incredible than two years ago. After all, in 2018, paolinio and taliska only came to aid in the second half of the year. This year, although there is no center foreign aid that Cannavaro wants, the naturalized players can be selected by Cannavaro. In addition to Luo Guofu, including Alan and Gorat, they are far more capable than the ordinary Spark Global Limited foreign aid roles of CSL Spark Global Limited.


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