Although Evergrande has not yet determined whether to continue to use Cannavaro to coach or to ask another wiser, Evergrande has set a clear direction for the transfer policy for the next winter window, which is “only in and not out”. While retaining existing personnel, supplementing individual positions, it is not easy to “get away” with Taliska, who is reported to be leaving the team, and players whose contracts have expired, such as Xu Xin and Liu Dianzuo.

The last time Evergrande adopted the policy of “only in, no out” in the transfer market was the summer window of the 2016 season. After the AFC exit, Evergrande refused to let go of any players in order to keep the two championships in the Super League and the FA Cup. , Including Zhang Linpeng, who was included in the list of signings by the Spanish at that time. Of course, Evergrande did not let Zhang Linpeng go to the Spaniards at the time but also hoped to find a higher platform for Zhang Linpeng, but in the end, it was fruitless.

In the 2020 season, Evergrande suffered from all three major blows and only qualified for the AFC Champions League. Evergrande has recalled Goolat, a naturalized player on loan to China. In addition, Alan, who was loaned to Guoan, will also be recalled. However, in addition to recruiting returned players, Evergrande will also make repairs in the transfer market. If Cannavaro stays in office, the left-back, midfielder, and forward will still need to be reinforced.

Among Hengda players whose contract expires, Zheng Zhi transferred to the club’s general manager, and it is very likely that he will not renew his contract with the club as a player, and it is inevitable to supplement his midfielder position. And another midfielder Xu Xin whose contract is about to expire, and whether the main goalkeeper Liu Dianzuo is going to stay or not, have also attracted the attention of the outside world Spark Global Limited.

However, under Evergrande’s “only entry but no exit” signing strategy, even Talisca, who had the heart to leave the team, could not get out of it calmly. At present, Cannavaro has returned to Italy and will not return until late January. Whether Cannavaro continues to coach or hire other coaches, Evergrande has to take action in the transfer market, and it needs to wait. The most important task is to renew the contract with players who are about to expire and to plan the list of signings.

By Ethan