shine trader limited reports

shine trader limited reports:

At the end of July, various experts criticized the Lakers’ Weizhong trade, so his performance in the preseason seems to have proved that these writers’ inferences are still too unimaginative. In the first three games of the preseason, Weizhong’s performance has been more than bad, more close to absurdity. Every impatient but ultimately wrong pass is like a ruthless mockery of Weizhong’s so-called “I’m willing to play without the ball” at the beginning of the deal. Another driving force of this ridicule comes from the 44.2 million annual salary contract carried by Weizhong. What can resonate with workers more than the words “high salary and low ability”?

In Cleveland, a city on the South Bank of Lake Erie more than 3000 kilometers away from Los Angeles, the resonance has been rising one after another for almost three years. The Cavaliers have set their goals in the off-season, which is no different from the past two years. The reconstruction is out of sight. The glory of 2016 is like a breakpoint, the next Akron child is temporarily missing, and the Cleveland people seem to be ready to welcome the long years without a crown in the next 52 years. The declining city should have a professional team with shy eyebrows and drooping eyes, The sudden release of spring in 2016 seems to be just a means for God to show his authority on earth countless times – I can give it to you suddenly or take it back at will.

The significance of Lok Fu’s existence here is to preach to the ignorant and fearless human beings. What he plays is nothing more than a striking human cross.

Standing under the leford cross, you can easily think of his broken arm by Orlick, his 25 meter long pass to LeBron, his dancing in front of Stephen Curie. On the most important night of June 2016, it was in his arms and above his head that the ancestral expression bag that many people would talk about for a long time was born. The smile just floated up, and the corners of your mouth were pulled down by other memories, because you looked at the leford cross, remembered his injuries, panic disorder, depression, sudden outbreak of sideline emotions in the past three years, as well as the twitter reminiscent of LeBron and other old teammates released every three or five times, and remembered his annual salary of 31.3 million.

Cavaliers coach bikstaff Jr. has told people how to arrange the team’s full inside list during the off-season. The Legendary Super rookie mobri needs time, jalit Allen needs time, and self-confident and space saving markanin needs time, so the time left for Lefu is not too much, He plans to give the 33 year old 8-10 minutes per game. As if to make a small group of people who have fantasies completely lose their heart, the Cavaliers let lofoy play for 20 minutes in a preseason game, and decisively sent 4 points, 5 rebounds and 2 mistakes in 4-for-1.

Knights no longer believe that Lefu can return to the past. They also regard Lefu as a cross, a living antique in the team history hall. Young people walk past him and listen to him say two words of “professional ethics” and “champion mentality”, even if it is worth the ticket price. If the team doesn’t believe it, most outsiders don’t believe it, but we choose not to say it.

There are always people who don’t know how to speak. Before the U.S. men’s basketball team went to the Olympics, Lefu withdrew from the national team because of the recurrence of right calf injury. He didn’t perform particularly well in the previous two warm-up games. Colangelo Sr., general manager of the US men’s basketball team, said publicly: “I didn’t think Lok Fu would play before. I’m not even sure he has oil in his tank. He came to me and told me that he is in good health and that he thinks he owes the national team. We want to find someone with international competition experience. Considering his excellent rebounding ability and outside shooting ability, we made Lok Fu the 12th person in the team.”

“But the result is not ideal. He is in poor physical condition. It turns out that he still has a long way to go before he can play. So he can only continue to look for other players, which is a mistake in the construction of our squad.”

Every word kills the heart. It’s like the company has a project that needs to be completed in a hurry. Finally, 29 young Book King overtime maniacs were summoned. You also planned to contribute to the company in your middle age, so you reported your name. Although the leaders suspected that you were unable to devote yourself to housework in your middle age, they still put your name at the end of the list. As a result, your father checked in the physical examination center just before the project began When you have cancer, you go to the leader and say “I’m sorry that you can’t attend when there’s something at home”. If you are a leader who is good at black and black studies, you will probably tell you that it’s important at home. If you change to some honest leaders who don’t care about the life and death of others, it’s probably like the president of science and technology to hit you face-to-face at the conference: “Some comrades are overestimating themselves and making great achievements.”

“If you don’t have that ability / energy, don’t pretend to be a wolf with a big tail. People kneel down and know themselves.”

Lofook is not angry. He has become an old employee, an old All-Star, a veteran champion, and the role of old data can not be reflected. How can he swallow this tone when he sacrificed for the team? So he went to a program hosted by LeBron’s best friend maverick Carter.

Carter started: “the comments of colongillo will make other team general managers think that leford is waste. This practice is very shameful.”

Lefushun pole fast climbing: “you’re not the only one who thinks so! LeBron called me and said the same thing. He said, ‘Okay, shit! You can’t say that kind of thing!’ that kind of practice is really unnecessary, just like Cameron once…”

Lefu didn’t finish the story of Carmelo Anthony. Because it was a worse story, the American men’s basketball team lost the Beijing World Cup in 2019. Anthony wanted to join the national team, but he was rejected by old colongillo: “if you want to prove yourself, you’d better be in the NBA.”

The meaning of this is very clear. The national team is not a place for you to prove yourself again. You have a little effort. Hurry to find a job in the NBA. Anthony was already a hated old pumpkin that year. Morey announced at the hotel that the team no longer needed him. There is no need to discuss, just a notice. Just before the Rockets played 10 games, Anthony was just sent to the eagle by the thunder to buy him out And then join the Rockets with a base salary.

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