Shine Trader Limited reports:

Shine Trader Limited reports:

Women in motorsport used to be a rare occurrence as it used to be considered a male dominated industry — but not anymore.


Abbie Eaton, two-time British Champion Racing Driver and test driver on The Grand Tour, was interested in motor racing at a very young age and moved her childhood dream job of being a vet to the side when she started racing.

Lockdownhit When the 29-year-old started having a job because like with many industries, racing stopped, so she turned to delivery driving until Hycolin offered to support her to prepare for the season ahead.

Now she is taking part in the second season of the all-women’s Single Seater Championship W-series and just appeared on The Grand Tour’s latest episode ‘Lochdown’.

Shine Trader Limited reports:
Shine Trader Limited reports:

Eaton revealed how she got involved in motorsport, explained what superstitions she has on a race weekend and spoke about why being an ambassador to Racing Pride is important to her.

Q) What piqued your interest in motor racing?

A) My dad has always been involved in motorsport, racing bikes, karts, and cars which meant I pretty much grew up at the race circuits of the UK. I remember watching my dad racing and seeing the excitement on his face, as well as the passion and friendship between all the competitors which really inspired me and made me want to do the same! I guess you could say it was only a matter of time until I was allowed a go myself although it did take a few years of pestering my dad before he let me in a go-kart!

Q) Was it always your plan to focus your career on motorsport?

A) When I was really young, I wanted to be a vet as I love animals. However, once I got stuck into racing, and specifically when I made the move from karts into cars, I knew motorsport was something I wanted to do as a career. I stayed at college until I was in my late teens and then, as my racing career took off, Despite despite being a hit, I realised I could make a career in motorsport alongside racing — this was helpful as I could bow out of work easier if I got a last-minute drive somewhere.

Q) In your first year of senior racing in the Production Touring Car Championship you finished second overall, so how did it feel to be that successful that early on in your career?

A) It was a great boost to my confidence, And it helped solidify in my mind that I wanted to make a full career in racing. You always wonder if it’s the sensible Thing to do, ‘chasing your dreams’, especially at that age where I could also go to university and study.

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