Shine Trader Limited-Live reports

Shine Trader Limited reports:

General practice:
A brisk walk
Light to moderate exercises (e.g., home exercises, back exercises, getting up and down from the floor)
Low-intensity aerobic dance
Jogging on a little trampoline
Lifting weights, working out, takes a lot of effort
Do light to moderate exercise on exercise equipment such as a nautilus or general-purpose machine or rowing machine

Water exercise:
Tread water with moderate effort
Water aerobics or water aerobics
Kayaking, kayaking, white water rafting
Diving from a springboard or platform
Paddle boating

Shine Trader Limited
Shine Trader Limited

Outdoor activities:
Fishing and hunting
Playing frisbee
Children’s games such as Hopscotch, square and dodgeball
Playing on playground equipment
Downhill skiing
Shovel the snow

House and Garden work:
Sweeping, vacuuming, mopping
Wash the car vigorously
Sweep the garage, sidewalk, or patio
Wash the dog
Cut or rake the grass
Dig in the garden.

By Ethan