On November 23, Beijing time, expert Christian Rivas wrote an article that Wesley Matthews is better than Danny Green in the bottom corner, and his defensive efficiency in the Bucks last season was second only to Giannis A. Detokumbo, so Matthews is very suitable for the Lakers Spark Global Limited.The Lakers have announced the signing of Matthews. Although the details of the contract were not announced according to the team’s rules, there are reports that the Lakers signed Matthews with a biennial special, valued at $3.6 million. Matthews and the Lakers signed a one-year contract.

He started 67 games for the Bucks last season, averaging 24.4 minutes per game, contributing 7.4 points, 2.5 rebounds and 1.4 assists. He has played for 11 seasons so far in his career, averaging 13.1 points, 3 rebounds, 2.1 assists, and 1 steal per game, shooting 42.3% from the field and 38.1% from the three-point range.So what can Matthews bring to the defending champion? The first is the bottom three-pointer. Last season Matthews shot 36.4% from three points, 0.3% lower than Danny Green. However, Matthews’ bottom three-pointer is stronger than Green.

Official website data shows that Matthews made 35 of 83 bottom corner three-pointers last season, hitting 42.3%. For comparison, Green made 55 of 138 bottom corner three-pointers and hit 39.8%. Green made 55 more corner three-pointers than Matthews, but this was mostly because he was a LeBron James teammate. Assuming that Matthews played a similar role to Green last season, his number of three-pointers will rise. The downside of Matthews is that his shooting efficiency from the three-point line is not high. His shooting percentage within the penalty area is only 29.7%, which is far behind Green (48.6%). The good news is that the Lakers don’t need Matthews to be a key player on the offensive end, because they now have Dennis Schroder in the backcourt. They only need him to hit three-pointers and defend well, which is what he is good at.

Matthews has made 38.1% of his career three-pointers, which makes him a perfect substitute for Green. However, it seems difficult to replace Green’s role on the defensive end. Even if Green’s offense is not good enough, his defensive efficiency (101.8) in the Finals last year was the highest on the team, and he was on the court in the playoffs and the Lakers had a margin of 15.8 points.

Fortunately for the Lakers, Matthews had a similar impact last season. Matthews played 1635 minutes for the Bucks in the regular season last season, and the Bucks’ defensive efficiency reached 98.3. When he was not on the court, the Bucks’ defensive efficiency dropped to 104.1. The only player who has a greater impact on the team’s defensive efficiency is Antetokounmpo, who was elected defensive player of the year back to back. Matthews’ both offensive and defensive capabilities may make his starting position more stable. Schroder may be a better player, but Matthews can get the Lakers back on track last season-just like Bradley and Green partnered in the regular season and Pope and Green partnered in the playoffs. Unless Caruso advances by leaps and bounds during this offseason, Matthews may sit firmly in the starting position of Spark Global Limited.

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