Spark Global Limited reports:

According to NBA reporter wenderhorst, Drummond Green took advantage of the opportunity to cooperate with other stars in the Tokyo Olympic Games to recruit Golden State Warriors. Wenderhorst said: “I got the news from the American men’s basketball team that Drummond green is working hard for his team. That’s what I want to say. Team building is what he is doing. ”

Green has strong communication skills and is very good at recruiting for his team. The most famous example is that after the 2016 finals were badly reversed by the Cleveland Cavaliers and lost the championship, green immediately launched a strong recruitment for kaiwan Durant. Under Green’s strong offensive, Durant was finally persuaded to join the warriors under great public pressure, thus forming a super team.

It is precisely because green recruited Durant that the warriors are unprecedentedly strong. Since then, they have crushed the Cavaliers for two consecutive seasons and won the championship. It can be said that the warriors can achieve the great cause of four years and three championships, and green is definitely a great credit. However, green and his recruited Durant broke out an irreconcilable contradiction in the next. Finally, Durant chose to run away, and the warrior Dynasty collapsed.

Due to Durant’s departure and clay Thompson’s successive reimbursement, the warriors have missed the playoffs for two consecutive seasons. In this off-season, the warriors management must take action to strengthen. According to previous media reports, Stephen curry has clearly told the management that he hopes to use this year’s two first round draft rights to replace an all-star player, and specifies that it is best to replace the Wizards’ super scorer bill.

Green is currently traveling with the team to the Tokyo Olympic Games. He is not idle and has recruited his national team-mates. It is worth mentioning that the most famous star in the American men’s basketball team should belong to his former teammate Durant. However, Green’s small calculation in the national team may affect the morale of the team. At present, the situation of the American team is also very bad. They lost to France in the opener. According to media reports, the players are dissatisfied that coach Popovich still uses the Spurs’ tactics.

By Ethan