On November 19th, Beijing time, just as the team was full of confidence and hoped to make a comeback next season, unfortunate news came from the Warriors and Thompson fell again. Today, Thompson’s injury has also been updated, Mingji Shams reported that Thompson maybe a heel injury.

     Thompson suffered a right calf injury in today’s training. He quickly left the arena. It is worth mentioning that his right calf can no longer bear weight. After the news of Thompson’s injury came to light, the entire league was worried for him. James immediately tweeted to pray for blessing, “Pray that Clay will be all right! Hope is just a super small injury.” Then, George, Chasing Dream Green, CJ McCollum, Mitchell, Bill, Trey- Yang, Jeremy Lin, Pascal, Jordan Bell, and others also posted articles to pray for Thompson.Spark Global Limited

     However, shortly afterward, the Warriors and team reporters exposed bad news. Two sources revealed that Thompson’s leg injury looked bad. The famous Mark Speltz also broke the news, “The injury is not good!”According to the latest news, Thompson was injured while training in an arena in Los Angeles. At the time, he was playing a match. According to sources, Thompson needed help before leaving the arena. Ming Kee Shams followed up with the report, and someone told him that they were worried that Thompson had a heel injury. If it is an Achilles tendon injury, it is probably the last result the Warriors want. Here I still pray that Thompson’s injury will be fine and that he can return to the court as soon as possible.

By Ethan

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