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spark limited reports:

Reported on September 2:

This off-season, the Lakers’ former master Schroeder left the team and veteran Rondo returned to the Lakers again. It doesn’t seem to be a coincidence, but it has deep meaning.

According to “grandstand” Eric pinks, Davis was often dissatisfied with Schroeder’s organization last season. He clearly wanted to get to a good position, but Schroeder did not pass him. At the same time, when Rondo tissues are connected in series, thick eyebrows are much more satisfied.

Therefore, the Lakers re signed Rondo this year and let the veteran guard continue to assist Zhan Mei. The team believes that Rondo is a “safe asset”.

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Two years ago, although Rondo played as a substitute, he played a great role. He was equivalent to half an assistant coach outside the field. He connected the game well on the field. Especially in the playoffs, “playoff Rondo” played a very key role and made great contributions to both projection and connection.

However, the Lakers have to straighten out the relationship between the No. 1 position next season. Wei Shao must be the master of the main force, and Rondo will be the substitute. There are new aid Nunn and young player Tucker in series this season. Among them, weishao and Rondo are both hot personalities. They have had a lot of holidays before. Whether they can coexist peacefully inside and outside the field will be a hidden worry.

By Ethan