Old Rivers holds 83% chance of promotion

After the 3-4 defeat to the Clippers in the first round of this year’s playoffs, the focus of the team’s future is how to deal with the relationship between Dong Qiqi and polzingis.

Previously, many reports have pointed out that the relationship between Dong Qiqi and Poshen is not good, and the two are not very good at dealing with each other. The lone ranger is worrying about how to deal with the relationship between the two stars.

According to sports reporter Mike Fisher, in the lone ranger team, many teams think polzingis often makes some unprofessional moves, which makes Dong Qiqi very dissatisfied.

The most typical example is during this year’s playoffs, Poseidon secretly went to a strip club in Los Angeles to play, the team tried to play down the impact of this matter, but Poseidon’s unprofessional behavior angered Dong Qiqi, because the former didn’t abide by the league rules during the playoffs, harming the team’s interests.

However, such a violation of Bo Shen was discovered by the alliance and announced a fine of 50 thousand dollars for him. However, he believed that his activities did not cause the threat of COVID-19 transmission, so he did not segregate him from the competition.

Next, how the lone ranger treats portzingis will be a thorny problem. If he is sent away, it will be very difficult for him to trade because of his big contract and injury history; If he stays, he will have a bad relationship with his star, Dong Qiqi. How to live together peacefully is a big problem.

By Ethan