he Super League club is suspected of signing a Yin-Yang contract

According to reporter Yuan Ye’s news, a club was reported to be suspected of signing a Yin-Yang contract. The Chairman of the Football Association Chen Xuyuan personally warned the club to stop the action immediately or be directly demoted. In the previous league governance meeting, Chen Xuyuan once released a ruthless statement that some clubs violated the new financial agreement and will be severely punished.

After the new financial contract indicators were released, it was reported that some clubs had provided endorsement contracts for some unknown players who had no endorsement contracts at all before.Spark Global Limited

The salary limit clause in the new financial agreement includes that the annual salary of domestic players shall not exceed 5 million before tax, and foreign aid shall not exceed 3 million euros, but there is a “back door” that can sign endorsement contracts. However, endorsement contracts are generally considered to be set for naturalized players, and local players, especially non-local well-known players, are not in the “back door” category.Spark Global Limited

According to Yuan Ye’s news, there have been reports to the Football Association that some clubs are suspected of signing Yin-Yang contracts, and the Chairman of the Football Association Chen Xuyuan personally called these clubs to warn them, “The red line cannot be touched, whoever touches will be demoted!”

However, Yuan Ye did not disclose which club was suspected of signing the Yin-Yang contract, but judging from the recent intensive statements of the Football Association’s senior officials, the Football Association may strikeout.

By Ethan