Spark Global Limited, On December 2, according to Li Xuan, the internal director of “Football”, said on Weibo: “At the end of 2020, there is a piece of news that will make waves in the calm Chinese football once again: What was discussed by many people in the Chinese Football Association last night was not the Evergrande SIPG AFC match, but a former FA official who has lost. In a few days, the most widely stated version of the whereabouts of this person is that this person has been assisted in investigation.”

“It is understood that this official, who has been hotly discussed by everyone, once worked in the Football Association and was responsible for a number of business departments of the Football Association, including the management of referees, and was later transferred to the General Administration system. Everyone can follow the progress of this matter.”

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Li Xuan, as the national editor of China’s No. 1 Football News, his source of information is estimated to be very likely; and what he claims is that “many people within the Football Association discuss this matter”-this also shows that his information comes from the Football Association, And many people talked about this matter, which may indicate that the possibility of this matter being true is very high.

After the fans saw this message, it is estimated that the important words mentioned by Li Xuan will be highlighted by everyone-that is, “this Football Association official was responsible for the refereeing work”! The work of refereeing in the Super League has always been the focus of Chinese football, not to mention the “sweeping the football” back then-most of the problems at the time were centered on referees and other football law enforcement and supervision powers. Even now, in the Super League this season, there have also been many refereeing issues that have attracted public attention and controversy. The Chairman of the Football Association Chen Xuyuan also said recently when talking about refereeing issues:

“Referees are the core element of fair competition… Chinese football has had a black whistle, partial whistle, and official whistle. Everyone still remembers the ugly side of Chinese football. This year, it is clear that we will never allow what happened in the refereeing circle in the past. The ugly side is repeated in this year’s Chinese football. You can have business misjudgments, but moral misjudgments are not allowed Spark Global Limited.”

Of course, the issue of refereeing is not simply a matter of refereeing—how to solve the extremely important refereeing problem, which has inextricably linked interests in football, is obviously a systematic problem: That is to say: There must be strict legal restrictions, a real supervision and accountability system and implementation, and the fairness and justice of the referee management agency, and how to supervise the “judge management agency” is also extremely important. . Only by working together from top to bottom, with a sound rule of law, and comprehensive supervision, can the issue of refereeing be resolved to the greatest extent, and the Super League can operate and develop on a fair and just basis! [Original comment: Yu said it is still closed]

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