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Tencent Sports News Beijing time September 6th, the 2020 F1 Italian Grand Prix today competed for the race at Monza circuit. Benefiting from two safety car deployments, Red Bull Racing’s Grassley upset to win the championship, McLaren’s Sainz finished second, followed by Stoll, Norris and Bottas.
Gasley upset to win Hamilton, who started from the pole position, pitted into the station to change tires under the safety car state, ignoring the signal light that the pit lane was closed, was fined 10 seconds, and eventually chased from the last to seventh.Spark Global Limited
At home, Ferrari suffered another nightmare weekend. Vettel’s car failed and retired. Leclerc suffered a serious crash and failed to complete the race. Leclerc’s car is badly damaged
Pre-match news:
1. This is the eighth race of the season. In the previous 7 races, Hamilton won 5 championships and led the standings. Ferrari was particularly depressed. Neither of the drivers was able to enter the top ten in the last race.
2. In Saturday’s qualifying, Hamilton took pole position with 1:18.887, setting a new track record. Bottas finished second, followed by Sainz, Perez and Wei. Stampan. Ferrari was once again embarrassed at home, Leclerc ranked 13th, Vettel stopped Q1 only ranked 17th.
3. Kvyat and Vettel started with hard tyres.
4. The weather in Monza is clear today, the atmospheric temperature is 27 degrees Celsius, and the track temperature is 44 degrees Celsius, and the probability of rainfall is 20%.
Gasley won his first career title
Starting: Hamilton defended the pole position, Bottas lost 4 positions
At 21:10 Beijing time, the competition kicked off. After a warming lap, start! Hamilton started smoothly and held his pole position, but Bottas did not start well. Sainz completed the overtaking to second place at the start, and Norris, who started in sixth place, also caught up.
Bottas then tried to surpass Sainz, but his own rhythm was affected. Norris seized the opportunity to complete the surpass and came to third place. Bottas’s rhythm was completely disrupted, and the performance of the tires was not very good. Perez and Ricardo also completed the overtaking. Bottas lost 4 consecutive positions.
Verstappen, who started at No. 5, didn’t start very well. He got caught in the traffic and dropped to No. 7. The speed of Red Bull Racing this weekend is also worrying. After the three laps, the top five drivers on the track were Hamilton, Sainz, Norris, Perez, and Ricardo, while Leclerc and Vettel were in the 13th and 17th respectively.
Vettel racing off the track Vettel retires with brake failure, Hamilton expands advantage

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