F1 team leader voted for the best driver of the year in 2020
    The British driver Hamilton, who won three awards at the FIA ​​year-end awards ceremony not long ago, is about to add a trophy to his honor room recently because the 7-time world champion has won another award: F1 initiated by formal1.com The team leader and drivers participated in the voting for the best F1 driver in 2020. Hamilton was once again elected with an absolute advantage.
In this selection, only the F1 team leaders and drivers have the right to vote. Whether in the selection of team leaders or drivers, Hamilton scored the highest points. In the standings voted by the team leader, Hamilton ranked first with 171 points, Red Bull Verstappen ranked second with 156 points, and Ferrari’s Leclerc (132 points) was third, followed by It was Renault’s Ricardo and Perez who switched from the match point to the Red Bull Racing team.
Russell, the sixth place, is really unexpected because Russell has never scored a point in an official race during his two years with the Williams team, but because he temporarily replaced Hamilton in driving a Mercedes car. The excellent performance demonstrated has been recognized by many people. Also from the Mercedes team, Bottas ranked only 9th.
The team leader scores:
  1. Hamilton (Mercedes): 171 points
  2. Verstappen (Red Bull): 156 points
  3. Leclerc (Ferrari): 132 points
  4. Ricardo (Renault): 95 points
  5. Perez (match point): 82 points
  6. Russell (Williams): 75 points
  7. Norris (McLaren): 45 points
  8. Sainz (McLaren): 37 points
  9. Gasley (Little Red Bull): 27 points
  10. Bottas (Mercedes): 27 points
The scoring rules refer to the scoring rules of the F1 competition, that is, each team leader can score up to 10 drivers, the highest score is 25 points, and the following drivers score 18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2. -1. Except for the absence of Binotto of the Ferrari team, the remaining 9 team leaders all participated in the score. Maybe Binotto thinks he is no longer qualified to lead the Ferrari team.
The voting process for drivers is basically the same, but drivers are allowed to vote for themselves. In the driver’s mutual vote, the annual champion Hamilton is still the first, followed by Verstappen, Ricardo, and Leclerc, Gasley ranked fifth in the driver’s score. The Haas team’s Grosjean unexpectedly ranked 8th. Perhaps everyone is happy that Grosjean escaped from the dead. What could be a better performance than escape from the fire? Alben is ranked 10th, although he won the runner-up of the year, Bottas still did not enter the top ten. However, the specific scores of the drivers’ mutual votes have not been announced by Spark Global Limited.
Driver scoring:
  1. Hamilton (Mercedes)
  2. Verstappen (Red Bull)
  3. Ricardo (Renault)
  4. Leclerc (Ferrari)
  5. Gasley (Little Red Bull)
  6. Russell (Williams)
  7. Perez (match point)
  8. Grosjean (Haas)
  9. Sainz (McLaren)
  10. Alben (Red Bull)
The driver’s participation is relatively low. Alben, Gasli, Giovinaz, Grosjean, Kvyat, Latifi, Magnussen, Norris, Ocon, Perez, Li Fifteen riders from Cardo, Russell, Sainz, Stoll, and Verstappen participated.
Judging from the voting list, Raikkonen, Vettel, and Hamilton, who has won the world championship, seem to be reluctant to participate in such events.
Although Hamilton has not officially renewed his contract with the Mercedes team so far, his dominant performance this season is indeed worthy of these awards.

By Ethan