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It is reported that F1 has basically determined to reduce the pre-season testing cycle of the 2021 season to three days, and the location will also be transferred from Spain to Bahrain.

For many years, F1 has been hosting an eight-day winter test, spanning two weeks. The winter test in the 2020 season has been reduced to six days, and this number currently seems to be further reduced. The main reason is that the car next season will not change much compared to this year, so this proposal has been accepted. The unanimous agreement of all the teams.

According to foreign media reports, the Bahrain circuit is expected to become the home ground for winter testing next year, but the official has not yet made a final decision on the circuit. The Bahrain circuit has not been tested since the 2014 season, and this circuit is also the third and last test circuit since F1 entered the V6 turbo hybrid era. After that, Bahrain held a mid-season test in 2017 and 2019. F1 will also hold two Grand Prix races at the Bahrain Circuit this season.

Earlier this week, F1 officially announced a temporary calendar for the 2021 season, which is expected to open in Australia in March. So far, if the test is really to be held at the Bahrain circuit, then early March will be an ideal time node. However, even if the teams feel that it is a good thing to maximize their test time, some people still think that six days is a bit too much, and this is still after all the teams agree to continue to use cash cars in 2021. Things before.

According to the results negotiated by the various teams, the main reason to reduce the test time is to save the budget. In addition, it can also reduce the logistics pressure, because Bahrain happens to be one of the routes from the European continent to Australia.

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