FA Cup-Manchester United were eliminated 1-3

    At 1:00 am on March 22, Beijing time, the 2020-2021 season England FA Cup quarter-finals, Leicester knocked out Manchester United 3-1 at home to advance to the top four, Ishinacho made 3 goals with 2 goals and 1 assist. “Aoki ball king” Greenwood once evened, Di Lemans cut to the ground. Manchester United 1-3 out of the FA Cup. According to the draw result, Leicester’s opponent in the FA Cup semi-final is Southampton. The Blue Foxes will strive to reach the FA Cup final for the fifth time in team history.

Ishinajo is in great condition! He has scored 7 goals in the last 4 appearances for Leicester. In the domestic Cup, Ishinacho scored 16 goals in 22 starts, including 11 in the FA Cup. Greenwood scored for the first time since January 24, and he broke the two-month drought. Since last season, “Aoki King” has scored 22 goals and is the under-20 player with the most goals in the five major leagues at the same time Spark Global Limited.

In the 24th minute, Fred made a fatal error in the pass back. Ishinacho made a steal in the penalty area. He escaped the attacking Henderson and sent the ball into the empty goal, 1-0! In the 28th minute, Martial suspended the penalty area on the right-wing, and the ball bounced in front of the goal. Schmeichel did not dare to neglect the ball to hit the baseline. In the 38th minute, Pogba turned left to get rid of the inverted triangle pass. Van der Beck deliberately missed it. Greenwood made a low shot with his left foot in the penalty area and broke the net. The score became 1-1!

In the 44th minute, Albrighton passed the ball, and Perez smashed the ball before the penalty area to get rid of Matic’s right foot shot, the ball was only slightly missed. In the 52nd minute, Di Leimens drove the ball all the way into the penalty area. He hit the ground with his right foot under the bezel of 4 Manchester United players. Henderson fell to the ground and made a save, 2-1! In the 58th minute, Leicester made a steal in the frontcourt, Ishinacho turned and sent a straight pass, Vardy swung Maguire to face Henderson with a low shot at the close corner, but it was a little missed.

In the 78th minute, Albrighton dropped a free-kick from the left side of the frontcourt into the penalty area. McTominay’s header capped. Ishinacho shook his head from a distance and broke the net, 3-1! Old Manchester City scored twice! In the 88th minute, B Fei played a wonderful elevator ball from 25 meters away, and Schmeichel struggled to lift the ball out of the crossbar!

By Ethan